buildtest helps you to manage your mobile application QA Test

Start testing now! it's free!

A new way to tests you iOS and Android applications

Create your tests

Every App is different and needs to be tested in different ways.

Deliver your app

Use Apple Testflight, TestFairy or your preferred tool to distribute your app to the testers.

Invite the testers.

Allow access to buildtest to your testers and assign the App to test, it's quick and easy!

Get the reports

Now you can relax waiting the testers reports. Take a look to the dashboard!

Each test is under control!

buildtest organizes every test session showing you the information you need to understand, when an error occurred, by whom and with which device.
This allows you to manage any kind of manual testing and regression, simple and fast!

The report enables you to learn more about this type of problem, how to replicated it, to execute a fast and accurate fix.

Assign the tasks to verify and ensure the app is always at the highest quality!

For each version and build of your application, you can assign all the necessary tests to ensure that the required quality is always guaranteed, version after version.
You can enter them manually, import from a CSV or select from previously created templates always available.

Not only that, you can decide whether to perform the same test as the previous version, or to create a new set.

Testing an app has never been so simple!

With In-App Testing Management feature, buildtest provides a framework that allows testers to evaluate tasks in real time, directly from your application.
To integrate, it's as simple as using one line of code:
BuildtestKit.setup(withApplicationId: <APPLICATION ID>)

Integration with other tracking systems

Buildtest is continuously increasing and we are working to integrate new bug tracking systems to give you the capability to continue to use your preferred bug tracking system like Trello, Jira or Slack.

Supported Integrations

Trello Integration

Future Integrations

Slack Integration
Jira Integration

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reduce the negative reviews

Listen to the voice of your users, allowing them to leave feedback directly with you and not via the App Store.

buildtest also integrates a complete system of In-App feedback, to give you the opportunity to hear the opinions of those who use your product, every day!

Start testing now! it's free!